Ken Himmel featured on CNBC

New York City tourism activity hit a record high last year recording 56.4 million visitors including 12.2 million from abroad, meanwhile, up and coming destinations like Abu Dhabi are looking to climb the ranks among global hot spots. In an interview with Ken Himmel, co-managing partner at Gulf Related, and president & CEO at Related Urban, he said: We looked very hard at that whole region, as a very very significant UAE developer. I think today we are the largest private developer here in the USA , so in looking to doing business in the Middle East, of course you begin that Journey always in Dubai. But it didn't take me long before I started to focus most of my attention to Abu Dhabi, because I sort of compare Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The comparison I draw here in the US is like New York and Boston, so New York with 69 million visitors, Boston with 15, Dubai now pushing 20 million visitors, and Abu Dhabi will be seriously pushing 5-7.5 million population.  So it becomes an incredibly interesting place to look at tourism and visitation, but in fact it is the captive market.